BeHave COMPASS® Certification

The purpose of BeHave COMPASS® certification is to certify that you have met the 3 following objectives:


  • Fully master all knowledge, know-how (Have) and soft skills (Be) intrinsic to the model


  • Learn to build training content starting with the needs of the customer right up to its delivery, in the following fields (Personal development/ Management/ Sales/Team Building) /Coaching techniques


  • Demonstrate your ability to deliver BeHave COMPASS® content to real participants.
1st session (2 days):

Find out about the BeHave COMPASS® method. This first session deals in the depth with the fundamentals of the model, applied to communication and personal development. This is then complemented by further detail about the concepts and intensive learning exercises about the process.

2nd session (2 days):

Practice delivering a BeHave COMPASS® seminar. Having gained an understanding of the model, the participants take it in turns to teach it and gradually perfect their mastery of the concepts, teaching methods and processes. Participants are invited to incorporate all the knowledge, teaching skills and soft skills using the contributions made by the other participants and their own personal work. There is a practice test at the end of each session.

Between this second session and certification,

groups of 3 trainees are formed with the aim of giving each of them
the opportunity to carry on their training and build their presentation. BeHave COMPASS® then connects you to its collaborative application (WEB2) which will enable you to exchange ideas and practice online for the final certification.
It’s also at the end of the second sessions that BeHave COMPASS® international gives you access to the BeHave COMPASS® E.Learning distance learning module, which will enable you to review everything that you have learned.

The 3rd session (1 day) is comprised of :

Final certification which is carried out online for the theory section Class-based certification presentation.