The Behave COMPASS® Personality Profile

The BeHave COMPASS® Profile will enable you to:
  • Identify your strengths and the points you need to develop in terms of attitude and behaviour
  • Assess differences between your personality and other personality types
  • Identify your ability to adapt to other personality types
  • Understand your limits and how you communicate in stressful situations
The BeHave COMPASS® profile is a model which brings together three personality assessment tools:
  • In the first part, your static profile: the BPS® (BeHave Positioning System) which defines the breakdown of your eight intrinsic fundamental psychological components.
  • In the second part, your dynamic profile: the S.E.T.I® (Solidity, Energy, Transport, Inspiration) which indicates your professional behaviour in standard situations and stressful situations.
  • In the third part, your Warnings: which provide you with valuable indications about how you express your Stress when the environment becomes more difficult.