Interested in becoming a BeHave COMPASS® distributor?

You want to create an attractive business
and become a benchmark in your country.


This is what Behave® can offer you :

Attractive pay
  • Small initial investment (broken down monthly)
  • Rewarding and exceptional pay / other offers each time you sell to your customers
  • Support in setting up your business.
  • Regular monitoring with a comprehensive and detailed monthly pay statement.
Hands-on technical support
  • A dedicated educational and sales technician in your region to support you in your business
  • Distributor customer services to answer all your questions
  • Technical sales engineers to help you in setting up your customer projects
  • Regular meetings with BeHave COMPASS®
A support programme
  • Specific training programs (initial certification, training on new products and services,
    technics certification…)
  • Free creation of your website and its commercial side
  • Your own personalised BeHave COMPASS® distribution portal
  • Customised BeHave COMPASS® E.Learning package
Simple and practical tools
  • A dedicated distributor website (extranet)
  • Tools and sales aids: e-News, e-Business, POS, sales brochures, documentation
  • Visibility on our website